Posted on Feb 6, 2020


Designing the perfect business card, brochure, or other printed collateral requires preparation before you send your files to AlphaGraphics.

Due to the nature of commercial printers, there are a few ways you can prepare to help ensure the final product looks exactly as you originally intended.

We want to share with you five tips on how you can prepare your design files so that we will know exactly how you want it printed. The most common files that we receive from customers are from Illustrator or InDesign. However, we do occasionally receive a Photoshop file.

While a print-ready .pdf is ideal—as it leaves no room for interpretation—we can work with any of the above formats.

Resolution and File Size Preparation

Before you begin your fantastic design, you’ll first need to set up your document. You should set the width and length to the exact size that you’re looking for. If you want a 9” high by 5” wide card printed, then set your dimensions to 9” in height and 5” in length.

The resolution of the file is also critical. Make sure that you set it to at least 300 dpi for print. Most designs intended for the internet come in around 72 dpi, but this will result in a very blurry image for print. If you’re adding photos or raster images, set the dpi to 300 before you put them in the file.
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