Posted on Mar 18, 2020


Direct mail is one of the oldest yet most effective ways of marketing your products or services.

The increasing costs of paid online advertising are causing many Raleigh businesses to “rediscover” the benefits that direct mail offers.

Unlike paid online advertising, direct mail is cost-effective, highly targeted, and extremely flexible. However, in order to realize success, you need to ensure the quality of your mailing list.

A targeted mailing list can help you promote your products and services to those who are most likely to make a purchase. We want to share with you several ways you can go about creating a mailing list to take advantage of all the benefits of direct mail:

Use In-House List
By far, the most cost-effective way of creating a new list is to use data from within your organization. Your internal customer list contains the names and contact info of those whom you have already established a business relationship with.

These people are your prime audience and target demographic—those who have purchased or are most likely to buy from you in the future. This way, you don’t have to buy or rent a mailing list when using your internal data.

However, sometimes you want to reach new customers or an entirely new demographic. In that case, you’ll need to use the services of one of several providers:
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